Cassava review meeting focuses on achieving transformational impact

The SARD-SC project of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, held a three-day cassava value chain review and planning workshop from 19 to 23 October 2015, in Abuja, Nigeria. The workshop was  among other  things;  to  review project achievements in 2015  and strategize for 2016, develop  work plan  and budget  for  2016, develop  strategies to mainstream  gender in   the  project and  how  to  turn  output into  outcomes for  transformational  impact.

While welcoming participants from all SARD-SC cassava value chain countries as well as partners from NARS and other stakeholders, Dr  Chrys Akem, the Project Coordinator  implored  all to  take   the annual  gathering seriously and see  “how it   could be used  to develop  a transformational  impact within  the  cassava value chain.” He  said  the  project had  passed  the  era of  focusing only on outputs, “It  is  time to   show impact or outcomes  of  our  various activities.  We may have new varieties  of crops  released, how  did these  help   our  farmers? We  have built  many   processing centers in Sierra Leone, Zambia, DRC  and Tanzania, how are these   helping  the  target  audience?  The  use of Innovation Platforms, how  are they helping   to achieve the  transformational impact  in cassava value chain, he  queried?    Dr. Akem admonished all to  embrace  the IP approach  for  value  chain  development and more meaningful   impact. “The   special challenge  for this year, he  said  was   to  focus  on  what  we  can  demonstrate  as impact  of  our outputs  to our stakeholders,” urging  all to  pay attention to Component  two.

The various cassava value chain team members, led by the Commodity Specialist, Dr Marie Yomeni, made presentations which were followed by both group and open floor discussions to review achievements  and plans on how   the  project   could make  impact  in the cassava value chain  within  the next year. They also developed work plans, and budgets and procurement plans for 2016 and reviewed cassava output indicators.  All these were geared towards achieving the project outputs/outcomes so as to foster better understanding of the SARD-SC cassava value chain.

Dr.Paul  Dontsop Nguezet, the project Impact Economist,  presented  a  paper  titled Turning output into  outcomes/Impact: Plans to  showcase our SARD-SC  cassava achievements while Dr.Amare Tegbaru’s  presentation was on Mainstreaming  Gender-Plan  of  Activities. The group discussions were  held on basis  of country  team representatives: DRC, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Zambia. The Socio-economists  and gender  group  was lead by Dr. Nguezet, while points of discussion  were on: Prioritization of interventions(Technologies, practices by countries),mainstreaming  gender into  different  project’s activities, ex-ante  analysis,  return  on  investment  analysis at  the national level, others were  gender and  youth  specific  case studies.

Mr. Seyi Fashokun, Project Accountant, presented a summary of uses of funds by component, and reviewed the 2015 budget and expenditure by component as at 31 August 2015.Dr. Issaka Amadou,Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist  made a presentation in his  field. Other  presentations were  on procurement and  communication.

The meeting was attended by country coordinators of the cassava value chain, project Field Fellows, NARS partners, other stakeholders and implementing partners from DRC, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia.


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    This is this commendable on your part and keep it up. I am a resource person and we been interested to share experiences about cassava value and present papers too the effect.

    Please add our organization too your various initiatives and remain strong in all ramification and I see a great success coming out of this important project.

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