Addressing the gender deficit in wheat production

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Failure to sufficiently consider gender will bring only partial success to SARD-SC’s efforts to transform sub-Saharan Africa’s wheat sector. Without properly considering the role of gender issues in technology design, for instance, the benefits of subsequent technologies may be limited in their abilities to equitably benefit men and women, and may even exacerbate inequalities and the workload of women.  Considering gender issues in technology dissemination is equally important – this process needs to respond adequately to gender specific limitations, roles, and ...

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SARD-SC Mid -Term Review records key emerging shifts in countries’ agricultural policies

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The  just concluded  Mid Term Review of the SARD-SC project by  the African Development Bank(AFDB)    has  highlighted  some successes  in terms  of implementation and  in the  development  of the value chains of  the four mandate crops- rice, wheat, cassava and maize. Already,   some notable  impacts  have  been recorded  in the agricultural  policies  of  some of the Banks’(RMCs)participating countries  within two  years  of the  project implementation.   Key emerging  shifts  noted  in policy as a result of SARD-SC intervention include youth empowerment; prototype ...

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