Cassava processing factory established in Kalambo, DR Congo

The SARD-SC project with funding from the African Development Bank (AFDB), has constructed and  established   a multi-purpose cassava processing factory   in IITA Kalambo station, DR. Congo. The   factory, which has four units, will be used for cassava processing,   fabrication of equipment, soybean processing   and exhibition of processed products.

The first of its kind in the South –Kivu area, the factory,  will among other things,  promote  food security   through  conservation  and   transformation of  agricultural produce   into   marketable    processed   products.   The cassava  processing unit   will be  used  to  process  cassava into  garri and  high quality  starch  and  other  20   by- products  for  household  consumption  and income  generation for the  farmers and  other stakeholders in the region.  The  fabrication of   processing equipment  such as Graters,  Sieves, Miller, Press,  Chippers and  Drying table will be undertaken in the second  unit of the  facility.

The launching of  the  factory   on the  5th of  June, 2014, in Kalambo, DRC, attracted  visitors as  well as  donors  represented  by the top  echelons of  donor  groups  to the event.  The  Honourable  Ministers of Agriculture from DRC and Burundi, and the South-Kivu Governor   as well  as  the Catholic  Arch Bishop of the diocese of Bukavu  attended  the launching and commended  IITA for the  building and innovation   of processing  cassava into  various products.

The Director –General of IITA, Dr. Nteranya  Sanginga  was visibly elated  by the  construction of the factory and culinary  innovations  that have spawned 20 different  cassava products  introduced  to the  DR. Congo, during the  launching.   Through the tutelage of  Mr.  Samiran Mazumdar, Head, Hotel and Catering Services,  IITA, Ibadan, he showed the  several  culinary delights  that  can be made from  cassava and  soybean flour.  The importance of  processing  agricultural  produce, he  emphasized  was for  value added as  means of reducing  importation,  creating   employment  opportunities and  raising  national  revenue.

Some of the visitors admired  and tasted  more than  40 baked  products  from cassava  and  soybean flour. Perhaps for the  first time in their lives, the guests  tasted  various  cassava cookies  to their  delightful surprise.

On  display during the launching  were  the products made  from cassava such    as Cassava bread, 400% cassava bread,20% cassava bread, cassava Cake, Cassava Doughnuts, Cassava Queen Cakes, Cassava chin-chin, Cassava root fritters, Cassava coconuts Cookies, Cassava Egg Rolls, Cassava Root Croquettes, Cassava Strips,  Cassava  Sausage  Rolls, Cassava Meat pie, Scrambled Tofu, Tofu Kebab, Cassava Biscuits, High quality cassava flour. Other products made from Soybean are Soy Sausage Rolls, Soy Muffins, Soy Cheese, Soy Milk, Soy Pastry Pie, Soy Biscuits, Soy Peanut Butter Cookies, Soy  Queen Cakes, Soy oatmeal cookies, Soy  cakes.



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