SARD-SC holds Project Steering Committee meeting in Ibadan

SARD-SC holds Project Steering Committee meeting in Ibadan

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) of the Support for Agricultural Research for Development of Strategic Crops (SARD-SC) held their first meeting in IITA-Ibadan, Nigeria.

Acting Director General for IITA, Dr Kenton Dashiell welcomed members of the PSC on behalf of the Director General, Dr Nteranya Sanginga.

During the meeting, members discussed annual work plans, procurement plan and the overall management and implementation of the project. They expressed great satisfaction at the progress made so far in project implementation considering the short period the project has been fully operational. The annual work plan and budget for 2013 were reviewed and approved by the committee.

PSC members who attended the meeting included Dr Mahmoud Solh, Director General, ICARDA; Dr Gloria Elemo, Director General, Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Lagos; Dr Ramadjita Tabo, Deputy Executive Director, FARA; Dr Oliver Samson, Director, Partnerships and Capacity Building, Africa Rice Center; Dr Catherine Mungoma, Director of Crops Research Zambia; and Dr Chrys Akem, Project Coordinator, SARD SC.

Dr Akem said that the meeting was fruitful and that it provided strong support to the task ahead.

The PSC was set up to provide policy guidance, review project progress, approve annual work plans and budgets, resolve inter-center issues, and undertake overall supervision of the project.