Mauritanian govt lauds wheat project for introducing improved varieties into the country

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

The Mauritanian government has commended the SARD-SC wheat project for introducing improved wheat varieties into the country. The  high  yielding wheat variety, introduced by the project, known as    Norman,  is capable of  producing up to 6.3t/ha and  this   has   greatly  improved  the  cultivation and  production of   wheat in  Mauritania where it is  considered very  important  to their  diet. As a result of this development, the   government has registered the new wheat variety in their national catalogue in 2015. The SARD-SC   wheat ...

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AFDB commends SARD-SC project as one of the Bank’s best managed projects

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

The SARD-SC project  funded by the AfDB has  come  out  tops  once again, as the members of the Bank’s  Supervisory mission    have  unequivocally  described  the  project as one  of the Bank’s  best managed  projects.  This was the verdict of the AFDB officials who recently undertook the sixth supervisory mission to the IITA/SARD-SC project   from 29 November – 4, December 2015, in Ibadan, Oyo State.  The team led by   Dr. Ibrahim Amadou, Task Manager, accompanied by Mr.  Usman G. Mohammed, Disbursement ...

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SARD-SC project wins 2014 IITA Excellence and Outstanding Team Awards

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

The Support to Agricultural Research and Development of Strategic Crops(SARD-SC) project,  has  won  the International Institute  of Tropical Agriculture  2014 Awards  for Excellence. The award  was also conferred  on the project for being an Outstanding Team by  the IITA  Board of Trustees who appreciated and commended the  tremendous  work a  complex and multi-national CGIAR –led  SARD-SC project  is doing to enhance  food and nutritional security  in 20 selected African  countries. The awards were announced during the IITA Town Hall meeting held during ...

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