Wheat Farmers hold field day at Ofla IP site of Tigrai region

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

A total of 364 farmers participated in the wheat technology demonstration at the Ofla Innovation Platform site. The IP farmers were grouped under five clusters based on proximity of locations. The field day on 29 October 2013 was held at three of the five IP cluster sites (Hugumbirda, Menkere and Adigolo) in which over 700 farmers, government officials, invited stakeholders in the wheat value chain and partners participated. The performance of two improved wheat varieties “Kekeba and Digalu” at Ofla IP site ...

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Seed drop on-farm demonstrations

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

The seed drop demonstration concept was introduced at each of the two established IPs using an early maturing drought tolerant (DT) maize variety, Omankwa. Only 51 farmers (22 from Mampong and 29 from Sekyere) participated in the demonstrations. In the Transition zone IP, only 15 farmers took part in the seed drop demonstrations. In each site, the demonstration was planted on 10m x 10m plot in farmers’ fields. A team comprising of three researchers, two AEAS conducted monitoring tours of ...

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