Training of Trainers workshop on cassava value chain Innovation Platform

The SARD-SC   cassava value chain team in Tanzania will conduct a Training of Trainers/actors workshop for establishing Innovation Platform for  the cassava value chain in the  country. The event will take place from 15 -16 July 2014, at  Cheyo Hotel, Kibondo district Kigoma, Tanzania. Expected   participants  are farmers, marketers, cassava traders, processors, NGOs involved in the dissemination  of cassava  awareness  programs, government ooficials, researchers and  other  participants  working to ensure  cassava becomes a  cash crop  in the country.

Between 40 and 45 participants   from  different  project zones  of  Kigoma, Dodoma, Zanzibar and East coast of Tanzania will attend  the workshop.    One of the objectives of the training is to enable the trained actors  reach out to participants in the Cassava Value Chain in the project areas, be aware of the importance of  establishing  an innovation platform of these stakeholders for a successful cassava value addition, towards making cassava a commodity crop in Africa.  After this training, the Innovation platform in the different project zones will also be launched.