Promotion of rice-based technologies and innovations in kano rice hub

AfricaRice in collaboration with national partners are promoting and out-scaling rice based technologies and innovation along the rice value chain to address the lack of improved technologies in African rice production, increase rice yield and income. Along these lines, AfricaRice/SARD-SC project in partnership with national extension service, KNARDA, identified and introduced some key technologies and innovation such as Rice advice and ASI thresher through the IP in Kano state, Nigeria. The main purpose was to encourage local farmers to use RiceAdvice to increase rice productivity and ASI thresher to reduce post-harvest losses. The promotion of these technologies was carried out through the IP with significant involvement of youth to create jobs in the rural areas.

Since implementation of the rice IP and capacity strengthening of five LGA actors in Kano rice hub, the following activities have been conducted for the benefit of the stakeholders through the SARD-SC project: (i) training of fifty youth including extension agents on business plan development, use and maintenance of the ASI threshers for service provision; (ii) donation of 6 ASI threshers to 28 youth (25 male and 3 female) in 5 LGAs (iii) training of sixty-eight youth including extension agents on the use of efficient fertilizer management tool,  RiceAdvice for service provision to IP actors.

In order to enhance awareness of farmers on the availability and accessibility of these technologies, a farmer field day was organized in Rakauna village, Kura LGA, in Kano State. Over two hundred and fifty ( participants, more than 60% IP farmers from Kura, Bunkure, Dawakin Kudu, Warawa,Garin Gallan and Kano, the youth service providers, IP officials and other rice value chain actors including extension (KNARDA and NAERLS), research (AfricaRice, NCRI and IAR), policy makers (district heads), in Kano and Nasarawa States. Kano State attended the event. Some of the remarks from field day participants are recounted below:

El hadj Umar Mohammed, a farmer from Kano said: “The machine is not only a time saver, but also reduces rice grain losses. The chattering (noise) is not much and it is efficient. I also discovered that the machine is multi-crop and I can also use it on my soya bean farm. This is wonderful.”

Saliu K. Suleiman, a RiceAdvier user from Kura LGA, Kano has this to say: “By using the recommendation of Riceadvice, my rice yield increased by 40% to 50%. I’m very happy with the results as I can now use the extra money to take care of my family.”



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