Project extolled for enhancing food security and reducing poverty in Sierra Leone

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

The end –of- project international conference on cassava value chain held from 28-30 June 2017 in Sierra Leone, brought to the  front burner the valuable contribution the SARD-SC project has made to food security in target countries; Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia and DR Congo. These contributions were highlighted as part of the project’s successes, experiences and lessons learnt in the target countries since the inception of the project through various presentations and discourse to an audience of eminent government personalities, ...

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Maize conference leverages on private sector partnership to boost productivity in Africa

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

The SARD-SC maize conference held in Livingstone, Zambia,  from 14- 20 May, 2017 was a valuable opportunity  for the maize project and its partners  to interact  with other  stakeholders from Zambia, Nigeria and Africa in general, to share  key issues  pertaining to the maize value chain development, technology  generation  and  dissemination. The expanded maize conference organized by the SARD-SC maize value chain with the  theme, Improving maize value chain  for transformational impact, “was to showcase our achievements in SARD-SC maize so ...

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SARD-SC Maize conducts monitoring and evaluation of its activities in Zambia

Monday, May 8th, 2017

The SARD-SC Maize carried out its annual monitoring and evaluation exercise for the year in Zambia from 4- 11 April 2017. The objective of the exercise was to ensure the activities conducted in the maize value chain were in line with the laid down objectives of the project. It was also to establish the effectiveness of the project regarding what has been planned against what has been achieved. The seven- man monitoring team was led by Dr. Sam Ajala, SARD-SC ...

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Project stimulates rural economy by establishing cassava community processing centers in DRC

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

The Cassava Community Processing Centers (CCPCs) are currently stimulating the economy and creating employment to the rural populations of Kavumu village, in the Kabare territory of South-Kivu province of the DR Congo. Until the introduction of the CCPC in early 2015, there was serious unemployment for the inhabitants of Kavumu community. The CCPC is a collective agroprocessing enterprise made of farmers’ groups for the processing of fresh cassava roots, High Quality Cassava Flour, fermented flour, garri, and starch. These activities within ...

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